Established In 2015, Dauntless Movement Crew (DMC) Is A Team Of Young Athletes And Entrepreneurs That Have A Common Interest In The Art Of Movement And Extreme Sport.

We are Family, We pursue our passions for each other and with each other, To create moments of freedom.

In those moments

We elevate playfulness to create magnificence. From impossible to possible. From failure to laughter. From nothing to something. Together for Fun.

We believe in each other, even when we fail, And especially when we need someone. Drawing strength through diversity and culture, Together we are the evolution.

We are an ecosystem for creativity. Through sharing experience and knowledge, Through learning and teaching. Through adversity and challenges. We are inspiring. We strive for excellence and transparency, With movement and art. With determination and collaboration. With time and dedication. We become the best of ourselves. At our foundation. We believe in the opportunities artists create. Artists who value expanding imagination, Artists who serve others, Artists who love exploring movement, Artists who are dauntless.