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movement classes

DMC holiday workshop 10
DMC holiday workshop 2
parkour class sydney
DMC junior class 10
parkour workshop
DMC junior class 7
sydney dance parkour acrobatics classes
DMC holiday workshop 8

Dauntless Movement Crew's weekly classes provide a remarkable platform for individuals to embark on a journey of invigorating exercise while delving into the enchanting world of live stage performances. Our classes are designed to cater to all interests and aspirations, whether you seek pure enjoyment and fitness or aspire to acquire the skills and techniques necessary for captivating on-stage performances. With a track record of teaching kids and teens across Australia, we have also developed engaging school programs that bring the joy of movement and performance into educational settings. Join our classes and discover a fun and exciting way to get fit while unlocking your creative potential.


Weekly classes


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Motivational talks

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