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Calisthenics classes


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Introducing Isaac, your go-to Sydney-based Calisthenics athlete and personal trainer. With over 5 years of experience and a true passion for calisthenics, Isaac brings a competitive edge to his training. Having participated in 5 competitions and earning accolades, he has valuable expertise in various realms of the sport. From muscle building to weighted calisthenics, strength skills, dynamic movements, and flips, Isaac covers it all. But what sets him apart is his commitment to nurturing the new generation of calisthenics enthusiasts. With Isaac as your coach, you'll benefit from his practical expertise, personalized training programs, and a motivating atmosphere. If you're ready to take your calisthenics journey to new heights, don't miss this exclusive chance to learn from a seasoned athlete and passionate instructor. Contact Isaac today and let the new generation of calisthenics begin!



It doesn’t matter what your current fitness or activity level is – you will learn all the drills and progressions to get you moving confidently, and safely – we’ll never push you to do something you’re not yet ready to do. 



Loction: SOEA Academy - 2b liberty street belmore



Drop in - $20 per class

10 class pass - $170 ($17 per class) valid for 3 months

20 class pass - $300 ($15 per class) vaild for 6 months




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By entering Dauntless you acknowledge and agree that participation in our movement classes and open sessions involves inherent risks that may cause injuries or may result in death or serious disability.  You acknowledge that classes at Dauntless may be physically strenuous. You acknowledge and agree that your participation in classes is free and voluntary, and absolutely at your own risk, with full knowledge and appreciation of the nature and extent of all risks involved. 

You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and medically fit to participate in classes or open sessions. You understand that it is your responsibility to check all equipment and/or surfaces before undertaking any training to ensure your personal safety.  You are responsible for your own personal safety and must inform your instructor of any physical limitations or injuries you have prior to class. 

Dauntless is not responsible for any personal injury, property loss or death while on the premises, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. 

To the full extent permitted by the law, you waive all of your legal rights against Dauntless and fully release Dauntless for loss, damages, injury or death howsoever arising out of or in relation to the participation by you in the activities conducted or organised by the company including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of the company, its office bearers, directors, employees or agents.

By entering Dauntless gyms you acknowledge and agree that Dauntless takes no responsibility for the storage and safekeeping of your personal belongings while you attend class or attend the premises. Dauntless takes no responsibility for lost or stolen property. 

You agree to not drink alcohol or take drugs prohibited by law before, or during any Dauntless classes, open sessions or events conducted or organised by Dauntless, or on Dauntless premises at any time. 

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