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ignte fire show

Fully choreographed and highly polished, this is a spectacular fire performance that begins with a little fire and ends with more than you can imagine.

Incorporating fire eating, double staff. fire fingers. acrobatics, Hula Hoop diving skills and more, this is a breathtaking show that has been a feature act at
events Aust
ralia wide.

More than just your ordinary fire show – the combining of diverse. impressive fire arts with tight choreographed dance moves provide a stunning and captivating show unlike anything seen before.

This show is perfect for Corporate events, Weddings, Product launches, Sporting events and Festivals

Customise the Show - Optional add-ons

Fancy our waiters adding some circus balancing chair stacking and/or pyro stick?

These routines can be added or removed from the show to suit all venues and budgets!

ADD ON: Circus Balancing Chairs – Strength Routines

ADD ON: Pyro stick

Australia’s best fire stunt show featuring the Dauntless Movement Crew!

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